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© В.И. Гнатюк, 2000


Техника, техносфера, энергосбережение [Сайт] / В.И. Гнатюк. – Электронные текстовые данные. – М.: [б.и.], [2000]. – Режим доступа: http://www.gnatukvi.ru, свободный [ГКЦИТ ОФАП от 23.11.2005 № 5409]


Фото В.И. Гнатюка

Victor Ivanovich Gnatyuk

  Grand Doctor of Engineering, Full Professor

  Address: Ap. 12, h. 31, str. Letniy proezd

  Kaliningrad, Russia, 236005

  To look on a map

  Mobile: +7 (911) 451-93-68

  Nickname: gnatukvi

  E-mail: mail@gnatukvi.ru

  Web: http://www.gnatukvi.ru

Виктор Иванович Гнатюк

  Доктор технических наук, профессор

  Адрес: 236005, Россия, г. Калининград

  ул. Летний проезд, д. 31, кв. 12

  Посмотреть на карте

  Мобильный: +7 (911) 451-93-68

  Nickname: gnatukvi

  E-mail: mail@gnatukvi.ru

  Сайт: http://www.gnatukvi.ru


The Grand Doctor of Engineering, Full Professor, Electromechanical.

Date of birth: 02.10.1961.

The aim: definition of scientific cooperation prospects.

Resume: The grand doctor of engineering, full professor. Teaches at the universities for many years of discipline: Theoretical bases of the electrical engineers, Electrical machines, The Concept of modern natural science, Optimization of a power consumption, Information technologies in a science and formation, Reliability of automated systems, Methodology dissertation research. Is a leading expert in the field of rank analysis and optimization methods regional electrical systems. Has a number of developments at the level of "know-how", as well as successful implementation on energy conservation and optimal energy management. Author of many scientific works. Directs the scientific school. In 1995 he discovered the law of optimum construction technocenosis.

The scientists degree and rank

2000 – The full professor of electromechanics chair.

2000 – The member of Russian Natural Science Academy.

1999 – The grand doctor of engineering.

1993 – The associate professor of electrification and automation chair.

1988 – The PhD of engineering.


1985 – 1988

Engineering academy. Post-graduate course of electrosupply chair.

1978 – 1983

Kaliningrad high engineering school. Diploma in a specialty "Electrical Mechanic".

Labor activity

1999 – present time

Kaliningrad state technical university. The professor of electroengineering chair.

1996 – 1999

Kaliningrad institute. The chief of a research and publishing department.

1988 – 1996

Kaliningrad high engineering school. Teacher – Sr Lecturer – Ass Professor – Chief of electrosupply chair.

The basic readable educational disciplines
  • Theoretical bases of the electrical engineers.
  • Electrical machines.
  • Reliability of automated systems.
  • Concepts of modern science.
  • Optimization of a power consumption.
  • Information technologies in a science and formation.
  • Reliability of automated systems.
  • Methodology dissertation research.

Area of scientific interests
  • Philosophy of engineering.
  • Modeling and optimization of large infrastructure objects.
  • Methodology of optimum construction technocenosis.
  • Technical maintenance.
  • Electrosupply.
  • Optimization of a power consumption.



The conclusion of the contract with collective of the highly skilled scientific employees is offered to you under the direction of the professor V. Gnatyuk. The offer is connected with realization of research work «Research of electrosupply of objects included in a large infrastructure with development of a technique of the analysis of their power consumption». The work is aimed at ordering of a power consumption by objects and economy of the means directed on payment for the consumed electric power. Infrastructure is understood as region, city, area, large enterprise, firm, network of shops or refueling stations etc.

Having power consumption of Russian production 3 – 7 times larger than in the advanced countries, we still can not achieve its reduction even on 10 – 20 %. At appears that the result will not be successful if we don’t use the way the USA, Germany, Japan have taken since the beginning of the energy crisis of 70-s, when they began to use methods of research and optimization of power consumption by large systems. Nowadays a number of the research – industrial collectives of our country have brought the advanced techniques to software, that allows to save huge means and systematically carry out measures on the reduction of power consumption. The complex of important questions of the price formations and tariffing is still unsolved. There is no system of the mutual responsibility of producers and consumers of electric power for its economy. It results in unjustified high expenses on the power resources including the electric power.

For the last 30 – 40 years in our country and abroad methodology of the optimization of power consumption by large infrastructural objects has been actively developing. An active work in this field has been done in Moscow, Abacan, Kostroma and many other cities. We offer to realize it in your interests.

The research work is supposed to be carried out in four stages:

1. Analysis of electrosupply of objects.

At the given stage it is supposed to carry out the data gathering about all electric power consumers by specially developed forms of inquiry. It will allow to get a wide picture of power consumption (with the history on the depth of 5 – 6 years), to reveal the objects which are provided with electric power with infringement of the existent technological requirements, to prepare an electronic database for further multifactor analysis.

2. Development of analytical complex «Electrosupply of objects».

This complex will be represented as advanced including database including databank and control system of data and also calculated and graphic modules. As we see it you can use this complex to keep the information about the electric power consumers, to renew the initial data for analysis on real seals of time. The operator can get any information from the database, concerning the electric power consumers on any level of detailed elaboration and generalization.

3. Development of the technique of the analysis of power consumption of objects.

At the given stage it is supposed to carry out the complete statistical date processing of electric power consumption including rank and cluster analysis. Rank analysis allows to order the information, to reveal the objects with above-normal power consumption. Cluster analysis allows to form the objects in groups and to define the average norms of power consumption in each group with their detailed statistical description.

4. Working-out of the offers of realization of results of researches.

We consider the following as the basic results of researches:

   - the analytical complex «Electrosupply of the objects included in infrastructure»;

   - the method of analysis of electric power consumption of objects;

   - the scientifically proved norms of a power consumption of objects of an infrastructure;

   - the recommendations for realization of obligatory power inspections of objects;

   - the offers on bringing the objects to the existent requirements.

The Represented work might serve as firm basis for further researches aimed at complex optimization of processes of electrosupply of objects of Kaliningrad region with development of scientifically power norms of power consumption, all-round substantiation of the tariffs of the electric power, scientific prognostication of the dynamics of consumption and the work-out of optimum variant of electrosupply of the region.

By our estimations and the experience of the realization of the represented methodology in other regions the economy of means saved by the organizational measures can annually make 10 – 15 % from volumes of payments for the consumed electric power. The introduction of the progressive power-saving technologies, performed by the results of power inspections can undoubtedly increase economy of means.

Special knowledge: English, German (reading and translation with the dictionary) and Polish (colloquial) languages. Experience of work on the computer: Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access), MS Visio, Photoshop, Matlab, Mathcad, Visual Basic, HTML.

The marital status: Married, I have a daughter.

© Техника, техносфера, энергосбережение [Сайт] / В.И. Гнатюк. – М., [2000]. – http://gnatukvi.ru

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Контакты: 236005, Россия, г. Калининград, ул. Летний проезд, д. 31, кв. 12 (посмотреть на карте)

+7 (911) 451-93-68 (телефоны для экстренной связи); mail@gnatukvi.ru; http://www.gnatukvi.ru

Contacts: Ap. 12, h. 31, str. Letniy proezd, Kaliningrad, Russia, 236005 (to look on a map)

+7 (911) 451-93-68 (emergency telephones); mail@gnatukvi.ru; http://www.gnatukvi.ru

Все права защищены © В.И. Гнатюк, 2000 (ссылки на сайт обязательны)

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